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After being invited to Parkview Christian Church to have a discussion about atheism and Christianity with the pastor, on stage, for all three weekend services, I wrote about a pamphlet used by the Church. It was called “Creationism for my Child’s Teacher” and it was riddled with mistakes.

Pastor Tim Harlow even responded to the comments you all made.

Pastor Tim (a man I respect and like for several reasons… not including his views against Evolution) stressed that he wrote this pamphlet not to convince teachers to teach Creationism (not even calling it the more euphemistic “Intelligent Design”), but so they could understand where his kids were coming from.

The pamphlet was taken down from the church’s website following the comments made by Friendly Atheist readers.

Now, it’s back up and “revised.”

You can read the revised pamphlet here. It is available through their website along with other Creationism resources here.

As before, I can’t make my way through all the errors by myself. So let me reach out to my expert readers.

Which scientists are quoted out of context? How many of the “facts” are just plain wrong? Can we respond to the other sites that the church website links us to? Where can the church members go to get accurate information?

At the very least, if they Google “Creationism for my Child’s Teacher,” let’s make sure they come to this site which has reasonable criticism and answers instead of the church’s site with the error-laden brochure.

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