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We all know why Kay Hagan needs to wrestle that Senate seat away from Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina. Dole is an anti-atheist bigot and her campaign is trying to smear Hagan as some sort of (God forbid?) atheist sympathizer.

The Digital Cuttlefish offers a poetic response:

… I thought I saw an atheist,
So “radical” and “vile”
Wage war against America–
A villain with a smile
Promoting hate, promoting fear
For petty, selfish gain—
I looked again, and clearly saw
The Libby Dole campaign

I thought I saw an atheist
Stand up and say “no more!”
I will not be your scapegoat
Like so many times before!
Americans, stand up as Christian
Muslim, Jew, and Pagan,
Or atheist, or anything,
And cast your vote for Hagan!

While we’re on the subject of the Senate race, though, Republican Norm Coleman in Minnesota is in his own downward spiral again Democratic opponent Al Franken.

Sources say that Coleman “had gone suit shopping at Neiman Marcus” and that “the tab was picked up by a wealthy friend who is a major donor.” Reporters are looking for verification or denial of that story. Failing to report the gift would be an ethics violation, after all.

Here’s what Ken Silverstein of Harpers wrote:

Here’s my most recent email exchange (with a few typos cleaned up):

My email to LeRoy Coleman:

Wanted to run this by you one last time: Two sources have told me that Nasser Kazeminy has paid for clothing for Senator Coleman and his wife at Neiman Marcus… Seems like a pretty straightforward question, and [I] was hoping I could get a response to it. If it’s not accurate, please let me know. [I] am planning to write an item about this over next day or two; if Senator Coleman disputes the accounts I have heard, I would like to know.

Coleman’s response:

As required, any gift Norm Coleman has received from his friends has been fully reported.

To Coleman:

Sorry to be so persistent, and maybe I’m missing something here, but I am still hoping you can just give me a direct “yes or no” answer: Has Nasser Kazeminy paid for clothing for Senator Coleman and/or his wife at Nieman Marcus? If, so, when were the purchases made? Was he already in the Senate [then], or was it prior to his joining the Senate? Saying he’s reported any gifts “as required” does not necessarily mean Kazeminy has not paid for Coleman’s purchases at Nieman.

Coleman’s response:

As required, any gift Norm Coleman has received from his friends has been fully reported.

And you’ll love listening to this painful recent press conference with campaign manager Cullen Sheehan:


It’s the party of Sarah Palin. Anyone surprised?