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Ms. SuperScience at Beautiful Biology gave her AP Biology students a questionnaire to fill out during the first week of school. She asked the kids a number of questions so she can learn about who they are and what makes them tick.
Fairly normal procedure.
Now, look at one student’s response to the prompt, “Tell me three things that I should know about you“:

Student E: I was born in Czechoslovakia. I attended [ ] Elementary School. I believe that all people are sinners and desperately need the mercy of Jesus Christ to forgive our sins.

Ok… Next question: “What topics in biology do you find most interesting and why?”
Same student:

Student E: evolution, because people all over are denying that a loving God made the Earth especially for us. Oh, and molecular chemistry, for understanding what really drives bodily functions and natural phenomena.

Oh boy.
Ms. SuperScience feels the same way you do:

Sooooo- bets on how long before Student E feels the need to either confront me or try to convert me?… I’m anticipating something by the end of next week. Also, his parents could be a lot of fun at open house… I’d assume they are similar as this type of belief usually comes from home.

For what it’s worth, I finished my second week of teaching high school math. So far, no student in any of my classes has made a comment about eBay or atheism or the book.
That’s a good thing. I’d like to keep it that way as long as possible.
I am curious about when someone will find out, though… the betting is open. Make your picks.

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