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My thoughts on Libertyville High School’s Creationist science teacher are now up on the Chicago Tribune‘s Seeker blog.

Here’s the opening:

Beau Schaefer, a science teacher at Libertyville High School, has learned the punishment for preaching creationism in the classroom:


After a school board meeting Tuesday night in which both sides of the evolution debate — the side that understands science and the side supporting Schaefer — made their cases, the end result was that nothing happened.

Superintendent Prentiss Lea said the school board is not going to take action on the teacher’s employment, because the issue has been resolved.

“Regardless of our professional or personal opinions, in this area, there is no gray area,” Lea said. “The teacher in question is a longstanding D128 instructor. We will not be recommending his termination as this is remediable behavior.”

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