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DR USAMA Hasan, Vice Chairman of the Masjid Madrasah al-Tawhid mosque in Leyton High Road has invoked the wrath of fundamentalist hotheads who want him dead for daring to suggest that Muslims need to accept the theory of evolution.
According to this report, a lecture given recently by Dr Hasan was disrupted by protesters who shouted for his execution. He has now been forced to step down from conducting Friday prayers.

This is how Dr Hasan is portrayed on the Islamic Awakening website

A while back he wrote:

… One problem is that many Muslims retain the simple picture that God created Adam from clay, much as a potter makes a statue, and then breathed into the lifeless statue and it became a living human.
This is a children’s madrassa-level understanding and Muslims really have to move on as adults and intellectuals.

Dr Hasan has also come under fire for expressing his views on the right of Muslim women not to cover their hair.
Several fatwas have been issued by Muslim scholars denouncing Dr Hasan, and it is reported that he has been forced  to step up security at his home where he lives with his wife and four children.
Police are monitoring the situation.
In January the Islamic Standard website accused Hasan of being a man who:

Believes our father Adam (was not made by Allah from clay, but was the children of two ape -like creatures. He also denies the Shariah of Allah in open apostasy and the necessity of Hijab.

The Standard added:

Though it may have passed many average Muslims by without them even noticing, there has been increasing problems and discord in the Leyton Muslim community around Masjid Tawhid due to the increasingly bizarre statements of its Imam Usama Hasan, son of Sheikh Suhaib Hasan, the founder of the Masjid.
Even though he is clearly no scholar, Usama Hasan himself did a lot of good work in the past in the UK but his crimes against Islam, his clear statements of apostasy cannot be ignored just because of previous work …  Usama Hasan has clearly become a modernist liberal Muslim, making statements of disbelief in stating that Adam evolved from Monkeys, that Islam and Secularism are compatible, and that the Hijab is not compulsory upon Muslim women.

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Update: Hasan has reportedly withdrawn his statement.
Hat Tip: Pete H.