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Part of the ceiling of the Ta’ Giezu church in Rabat collapsed last week, and LifeShiteNews is pinning the blame on the country’s recognition of gay marriage.
It pointed out that Malta legalised same-sex marriage this summer:

With practically no opposition from the country’s bishops. This happened just months after Malta’s bishops broke away from perennial Catholic teaching to allow couples living in habitual adultery to receive Holy Communion. 

It added that

The almost exclusively Catholic country has been in a spiritually downwards spiral in recent years. 

And it quoted the Lepanto Institute as saying:

In an earlier time, this would have been deemed a sign.

LSN concluded:

[The] collapse is a fitting metaphor for the Church in Malta – and Europe, and most of the Western world. 
Weak leadership, irreverent praxis, open sacrilege, heretical liturgies, and a nearly complete lack of faith characterize much of Western Catholicism. A lot more than just the ceiling of the Church seems to be crumbling away.  

Fr Martin Coleiro, the prior of the Franciscan Fathers who run the church that he believes the wooden beams must have given way some time during the night.
The collapse was noticed when the church, one of the oldest in Malta, was opened for Mass.  Most of the debris ended up on the altar. Coleiro went to open the church for mass at about 6am to make the grim discovery.
He said “thank God” the accident happened during the night because otherwise it would have been a far worse incident as the altar and church is often filled with people.
The damage caused to the ceiling as well as the altar below runs into hundreds of thousands of euros.
I’m still waiting for some Christian imbeciles to blame the gays for Hurricane Harvey, but this I do know: fervent prayer signally failed to stop it hitting Texas.
Satirical site The Science Post says:

The latest report from the front lines of Hurricane Harvey is that just over 11,500 more thoughts and prayers are needed for the victims to be okay.