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Chicago Magazine came out with its 2007 “Best of Chicago” list.
The best place to see comedy? Lakeshore Theater.
(Which happens to be where I saw the Porn debate a couple nights ago, as well as opening night of Puppetry of the Penis a couple years ago. Long story on that one… one long, traumatic story.)
Anyway, here’s what they write:

Since spring—with a boost from friends like Paul Provenza, director of The Aristocrats, and Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller— [owner and artistic director, Chris] Ritter has brought to town the Broadway-bound music-and-comedy show by Taylor Negron; the religion-bashing Julia Sweeney; the liberal-loving Janeane Garofalo; and Marijuana-Logues creator Arj Barker. Having hit his stride, Ritter has even drummed up his first original commission from local up-and-comer Kumail Nanjiani. “I feel like we finally have an identity,” Ritter says, before putting the phone on hold to shoo a man peeing in the doorway.

Anything stand out to you?
The description of Julia Sweeney got to me.
If you’ve seen her show Letting Go of God, you know that she does not bash religion in it. If anything, she’s kind to religion — She talks about how she really loved her Catholic upbringing. But she became an atheist, and that’s that.
Why is atheism synonymous with religion-bashing?!
I’ll just add this to the list of petty reasons I don’t subscribe to Chicago Magazine

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