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ANDREA Fuentealba Valbak is a popular Danish singer who is better known as Medina.
And herein lies a BIG problem – one that got Denmark’s answer to Lady Gaga pelted with eggs when she put on a free concert in the southern Copenhagen suburb of Ishøj, home to one of Denmark’s largest Muslim communities.

Medina: her name provoked fury among a pramful of infantile Islamists

Medina, you see, is also the name of the second holiest city in Islam and the burial place of the paedophile “prophet” Mohammed.
Medina didn’t get to sing more than a few notes before a hail of eggs began to rain down upon the stage.
The perpetrators, according to this report, were a gang of between ten and 20 idiots between the ages of 14 and 17 all “with an immigrant background”.
They reportedly took exception to Medina’s hot pants and sexually suggestive song lyrics, but were particularly incensed by her choice of name.
Said one 16-year-old numpty in this report:

Men can go in t-shirts and shorts and show bare skin. Girls can’t do such things in Islam. Medina is a holy city for Muslims, and therefore she should change her name. When she has a name that is so significant in Islam and does a video where she shows her ass to the public, she makes the religion look like crap.

With the backing of most of the 3,000 strong audience, Medina ripped the trouble-makers a second arsehole. But the strain took its toll, and the pop star ended up leaving the stage in tears.
The singer made no public comment after the aborted concert, but her manager said that Medina is a common name in Chile, from where her father originates.
Her official Facebook page received hundreds of messages of support in the wake of the egg attack, and Medina was also defended by Conservative MP Naser Khader.
In his blog, Khader – who has previously described himself as a “moderate” Muslim – wrote that:

I get just as angry as the singer when a tiny minority of troublemakers with misogynist beliefs use infantile or violent means to highlight their point of view and ruin things for everyone else.

Hat tip: Alan