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ITALIAN police have arrested six Moroccan men,  accusing them of planning a hate campaign against Pope Ratzinger. The six reportedly got the hump over the conversion to Catholicism of Egyptian-born journalist Magdi Allam in 2008.

Taking the biscuit: Magdi Allam gets a communion wafer from Ratzinger

Allam caused outrage among many Muslims when he accepted a magic cracker from Pope Ratzinger, then changed his name to Magdi Cristiano Allam. He had built a career in Italy as a newspaper commentator and author attacking Islamic extremism and supporting Israel.
According to this report, Stefano Fonsi, head of Brescia police’s anti-terrorism squad in northern Italy, said the suspects allegedly banded together and met privately with the goal of stirring up religious hatred against Ratzinger, and other non-Muslims.
Investigators say they found literature exhorting Muslim immigrants not to integrate into Italian society and saying the Pope should be punished for having baptized the journalist during an Easter vigil ceremony in St Peter’s Basilica.
The investigation grew out of security checks ahead of a pastoral visit by Benedict to Brescia in 2009, but curiously authorities insisted that their probe revealed no plot against the pontiff or other terrorism aims.
Brescia Prosecutors Fabio Salmone said there was “absolutely no” indication that the group had attacks in mind. “I rule that out,” he told reporters. “There wasn’t even a plan” to organise attacks, he said.