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No, this isn’t about the Skepdude calendar.

There was a FedEx truck outside my place this morning… someone dropped off a package:


That was strange. I wasn’t expecting a package…

I shook it. It didn’t make any ticking sounds.

So I figured I was safe.

I went to a table and opened it up.




An MP3 player? That’s a surprising delivery. I would’ve remembered ordering one of those…

Then I flipped it over and unwrapped it.



AHH! It’s an iGod!

But who sent this oddly-perfect gift?


Nothing in the box… No name… no card… nothing on the address label…

It seems I have an anonymous giver of Christian gifts!

(***Update***: The gift is from (atheist) Bjorn! He found it at the terrific Tanga website.)

At Bjorn’s suggestion, this seems like a perfect giveaway.

The real question is: Who wants the iGod?

And what contest should we hold to determine the winner?

Your suggestions are appreciated 🙂

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