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Last month, members of the Secular Student Alliance affiliate at the University of Illinois set up a table on their quad. A sign on it invited people to “Ask an Atheist” anything. The members sat there ready to answer any questions people had about not believing in a god.

Other campus groups have put on similar “events” over the past few years, but the Illinois group wants to make this a national thing — there’s more impact that way — and the SSA is ready to help.

So we’re proposing that April 13th be National Ask An Atheist Day.

(See? It’s on the Internet now; it must be official.)

National Ask An Atheist Day (April 13th) is an opportunity for secular groups across the country to work together to defeat stereotypes about atheism and encourage courteous dialogue between believers and nonbelievers alike. The event is intended to be an opportunity for the general public – particularly people of faith – to approach us and ask questions about secular life.

If your group wants to participate — and I don’t see why non-campus groups can’t also participate — the SSA has Ask An Atheist stickers and other resources to send your way. You can let us know you’re taking part by RSVP-ing on Facebook.

More power to everyone who takes part in this, helps set straight some of the nasty stereotypes about us, and answers tough questions in a respectful manner.