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Remember that attack from the Elizabeth Dole campaign against her opponent for a North Carolina Senate seat Kay Hagan?

Now, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has put it to video.


It’s all absurd, of course.

No one has to be afraid of the Godless.

While many atheists would like to see “Under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” removed from our money — The Pledge and paper money were both God-free before the 1950s Communist scare — it’s not the highest priority on our “agenda” — we don’t have one of those.

(We can’t even get a thousand people to attend an atheist conference and they think we’re organized enough to have an agenda?!)

The atheists who lobby and have any political voice at all (albeit a relatively small one) are focused on stopping faith-based initiatives and protecting religious freedom for everyone. For example, we don’t want taxpayer money being used to discriminate against someone because of their religion.

Also, to quote two representatives from American Atheists — one organization and hardly the largest atheist group in the country — is misleading. Not all atheists agree with them. Most atheists could not care less about those issues.

And to say that Kay Hagan supports those “agenda” items is definitely misleading.

To say that because she associated loosely with someone who might not share the values of most Americans, she must be stopped? That’s what John McCain was doing to Barack Obama with William Ayres. It implies a much closer connection than actually exists.

It’s all just a pathetic, last-ditch effort for Dole, who is losing a campaign she thought she would be winning handily.

They’re Republicans. I’m not surprised. But this time, it’s not just Elizabeth Dole. It’s the party’s national campaign to elect senators running this ad.

Why anyone who cares about honesty, respect, and equality for people of all faiths or no faiths could vote for Dole at this point is beyond me.

She’s not worth your vote.

If you’re in North Carolina, vote for Kay Hagan.

Not because she’s going to give atheists any special rights or privileges, but because she’s reaching out to us and listening to us. Hopefully, she’ll think about us and factor us into the equation when she makes decisions in the Senate. That’s all we want.

(Thanks to Ben for the link.)