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***Update***: The author has removed her posting and its follow-up. No word on the Nativity scene, though.

I understand public high school classrooms putting up holiday decorations this time of year — lights, ornaments, even small trees.

But a Nativity scene?

That’s what Crystal, a Christian teacher from Georgia, seems to have done

This week, my 3rd period class decorated my room for Christmas.

In a public school.

With a tree, ornaments, lights and NATIVITY SCENE!

And ya know what? We had a blast! We listened to Christmas music, drank hot chocolate, hung lights, wrapped presents and really enjoyed each other as a class. That is important!

She even has justification for putting it up:

I teach Spanish. 97% of Spanish speakers are Catholic. Catholics celebrate Christmas and the focal point of their holiday decor is the nativity scene. I’m teaching culture 🙂

93% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences are atheists. So is it ok to tell students in Biology class that God most likely doesn’t exist?

She adds that non-Christians in her class didn’t complain about it — not the Hindu, not the atheist, not the Muslim.

So it must be ok.

She’s wrong.

You can’t expect kids to speak up in situations like that. When it does happen, it’s rare. Very few students are able or willing to take a stand against the person who gives them a grade.

I don’t know where she teaches and I don’t know whether she would take the scene down if a student did complain.

But she’s making a mistake. She ought to know better.

I just hope there is a brave student willing to speak out against it.