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What was that? That was awful. The editing. The quick cutaways. The posing of questions, but not showing the responses…
They did show:

  • Kelly’s comment about Jesus possibly not even being a man. (There were so many decent responses to the question of what atheists do with “Jesus”… this was not one of the better ones.)
  • Kirk Cameron showing pictures of “transitional fossils” we should be seeing… like a literal Bull-Frog. And other things that just proved he never actually understood Evolution in the first place despite his claims otherwise.
  • Ray Comfort saying that Kirk was “tanking his Hollywood career” by displaying his Christianity so prominently on television… tanking??? Quick: Name any Hollywood movie that Kirk Cameron has starred in… Yeah. Exactly. He last three “big” films are straight-to-video versions of the Left Behind books.

They did not show:

  • Ray Comfort’s Coca-cola can… which was going to replace the Banana Argument.
  • Brian’s comment about how he has nipples… as proof that he was not “intelligently designed.” (Actually, I’m surprised Nightline didn’t show that as a cutaway/isolated quotation…)
  • The list of many, many, many transitional fossils that Brian read in response to Kirk’s crazy comments.
  • The rounds of applause for the atheists that we saw in the admittedly-one-sided preview video.
  • The great lines by Kelly/Brian that Kirk/Ray had not presented scientific evidence that God exists. Furthermore, that the Christians had invoked the Bible, which they said they would not do.

Ugh… what else am I missing here? I was looking forward to the debate based on the online previews provided by ABC. But the final edited version was just pathetic.

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