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Back in June, a senior citizen at the Verde Valley Senior Center in Arizona was getting annoyed by the constant Christianity thrown in her face — there were prayers and religious music playing before meals, for example.

She told the staff about her concerns, but it didn’t work. She told them this was illegal since the senior center was funded in part by the government. It didn’t work.

So the Freedom From Religion Foundation stepped in.

Summer intern Sarah Braasch alerted the Northern Arizona Council of Governments. The NACOG sent the senior center the following letter:

Wonderful, isn’t it?

Based on my interpretation of the FFRF article, it seems like the senior center stopped the prayers. Individuals can pray if they’d like (or play religious music if they’d like) but it won’t be sponsored by the center itself.

We know government-supported organizations cannot force a particular religious viewpoint on their members.

The problem is not just that it goes on in so many places.

The problem is that it all too often goes unreported.

If you see someone proselytizing inappropriately, let groups like the FFRF or Americans United for Separation of Church and State know. They can help you.