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A Chinese convert to Christianity is planning to build a biblical theme park complete with a replica of Noah’s mythical ark – in a cemetery.
Wenqing Sun, according to this report, has received permission from the cemetery south of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, to embark on the cockamamie venture.
Said Marc L’Hoir, who manages Sunset Cemetery in Moose Jaw:

This will be a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction and I think there will be people coming from all over the world to visit.

He said the idea comes from China, where businessman Sun constructed a similar park in the city of Shenyang in northern China. L’Hoir said:

He actually converted from Buddhism to Christianity and this is just part of his spreading the word of Christianity throughout the world.

L’Hoir says Sun is a friend of the owner of Sunset Cemetery, which owns land north of the current cemetery site — about halfway between the city of Moose Jaw and the Canadian Forces base south of the city.
The theme park would be built on two hectares (five acres) adjacent to the cemetery. L’Hoir expects it to be a popular tourist destination.

You know how many people go to Vatican City? How many people go to Jerusalem to the Wailing Wall? So once the word gets out and we start marketing it, I think it’ll be a real tourist attraction for Moose Jaw.

He added:

Plus it’s going to enhance the cemetery. Hopefully people want to be buried there.

According to the plans, the ark will be 136 metres long, 23 metres wide and 13 metres high, with three levels including a children’s play area on the first floor.
The second floor will depict animals that were on the ark and the third is going to be a 3D presentation about the life of Jesus.
L’Hoir says the park will be built in phases, at an estimated cost of $1.2 million. He says it will take about four years to complete, but could be open before it is entirely finished.
But hey, if you’re an ark fan, why travel to Moose Jaw or to Kentucky to visit Ken Ham’s failing venture when you can get a replica of your very own for a measly $2,050.
The ark, pictured above, is coincidentally made in Shenyang by Christian artist Zhang Jian, and is being sold on eBay.
The blurb says:

The ark is hand-crafted from camphor wood at a scale of 1:70.  It includes a total of 88 figures hand-carved from Rose of Sharon wood and hand-painted: 8 human figures (Noah and his family), and 40 pairs of mammals, birds, and reptiles.  The figures come with small magnets on their feet that match with magnets on the ark to keep the figures upright.  This collectable Noah’s ark is a delight to children and adults.
Zhang Jian feels privileged to make unique and quality wood carvings that share a sense God’s love and connection to mankind.  Over the last 2 years he has designed and crafted 8 sets of these Arks and corresponding animals.  Mr Zhang resides in Shenyang, China where he runs a 3 man woodshop creating quality inspirational wooden products.