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I assume it’s a Poe, but the rhetoric is really no different than what you’d hear a Christian mouthpiece say, so the point is made.

One website claims to have a good idea why the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand occurred:

Did the “Snow Gaymes” and Butch Lesbian antics of Gay Ski Week, on God’s New Year, trigger the quake?

After the earthquake, there were over 4000 aftershocks — enough to jolt most people into some sober thinking — but not NZ.

The violence, the sadism, the heads being kicked in with heavy boots, the cruelty to animals, the baby seals being clubbed to death, it all just rolled on during the weeks after the quake. Despite the earthquakes, it was “business as usual” across the top of the South Island, right up to, and even during, the Mine Disaster.

Child prostitution is also to blame, they say.

Not sure who’s behind the site, but I’m surprised they beat Fred Phelps to the crazy…

(Thanks to Philip for the link!)