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The Creation Museum decided to stop playing a particular video when they discovered that their model who played the role of Adam had a scandalous past. The backstory is here.
Eric has made a statement on his website about the press he’s received recently:

Wow… thank you to the press people freaking out over nothing 🙂 Simply because I bought a domain name, that is ALL, I don’t have control over what is on it, nor does it reflect my beliefs!! However, people such as Julie Carr Smyth, feel its necessary to attack the Creation Museum in anyway possible… Why??… Maybe because they are right? I was hired as a actor, not a spokes person!!
These people are seeing the tree and not the forrest. Which would be, that the Creation Museum is a wonderful place, that takes you thru space and time… And they show you another point of view that really needs to be heard, without force feeding you. You can simply walk through this amazing museum, and leave with your own opinion!!
So thank you so much for blowing things out of proportion… you forgot to mention that I got a speeding ticket 2 and half years ago too.
Adam was the one who brought sin into the world, and apparently I have brought it into the Creation Museum, and for that I sincerely apologize… And that would be a paradox ladies and gentlemen.

I have no idea how he can support a group that is so against who he is.
The Evangelical Right blog agrees, saying:

Of course, we could care less about Linden’s sexuality. We do take issue with individuals, such as Linden, who support Christian fundamentalist groups like Answers in Genesis, the group behind the Creation Museum. After all, Answers in Genesis is actively promoting anti-gay propoganda [sic], not to mention, undermining science.

By the way, if you go to that Evangelical Right site, you can see the “scandalous” pictures of Eric Linden that are surfacing. (He’s with a drag queen. You may now gasp in shock.)
(Thanks to Anonymous for the link!)

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