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***Update***: Mike Lee, the religiousantagonist, has posted a comment below. He is sincerely apologetic (and I believe him when he says that), but he wants to explain his thought process in making this video.

This video from religiousantagonist encourages atheists to reshelve the Bibles in the public library — because they ought to be in the fiction section (or possibly horror).

YouTube video

Ugh. Don’t do that. Please don’t do that.

I get it. Really, I do. The Bible is fiction. Very true.

But if you take it upon yourself to “fix” the location of the books in the library, you’re only making the librarians do more work. And you’re making it tougher for people who actually need those books to find them. You haven’t made a good point — or even a point at all. You’re a jerk.

You might as well litter in the aisles while you’re at it. It serves the same purpose — someone else has to clean up the mess you left behind.