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Canadian evangelist  and faith healer Todd Bentley, 42, has homo-erotic fantasies – and he’s happy to share them with his followers.
The founder of Fresh Fire Ministries USA said during a summer  “Supernatural Debt Forgiveness Jubilee Service” that in Albany, Oregon – in around 2004 or 2005 when he was aged about 28 –  he had his first encounter with a bare-chested angel in a “dingy and seedy” hotel room.
The Christian Post quotes him as saying:

I’m in my hotel and in my bathroom and it’s the middle of the night … I turn the light on, and there’s a man in there, in my bathroom. And I looked at this man, he didn’t have his shirt on, so I thought he must’ve got into the wrong hotel room. First thought. You know ‘you’re in the wrong room bro’ …
And  I then realized he was wearing funny like, white yoga pants, like really tight, white ballet-type pants and like Aladdin golden slippers. And I looked down at him and thought ‘wow, this isn’t a man. This is an angel’.

It gets weirder:

And so this angel then turned around and I saw like out of the angel’s back, wings and feathers like an eagle. And the angel then, the man … spread his wings and out came four wings. And I looked and inside his wings … were gemstones of every kind, precious gemstones.

The Angel of Bling then told the deranged Bentley:

I’m like a cherubim and I work in the realms of glory … I am a financial angel from the highest realms of glory working with Heaven’s economy.

His second angelic encounter allegedly took place at his Vancouver home in January 2007 when he was forced to wrestle in his bed with a an angel with a bloody big sword.

I felt like Jacob wrestling with an angel. Literally I couldn’t scream for help from my wife, from anybody. And this angel now pulled out a sword. Like the sword of the Lord … I braced for it because his sword was going to come down and just slice me in two.

His encounter then shifted “into a visionary world” where the angel cut a chain instead, and Todd Bentley – who was convicted at age 15 of sexually assaulting a much younger boy – was spared to continue dishing bullshit out to people gullible enough to believe such crap.
Mind you, not everyone is fooled. Commenting on the report, Alea S Z Walker wrote:

These are DEMONS. Angels do not appear in skin tight Aladdin pants. They don’t describe themselves as cherubim-like. These demons lied to him in order to deceive. That’s it! Yes – just like the devil tempted JESUS with worldly things – so satan – who the Bible says appears like an angel of light deceives and brings riches and wealth that are completely temporary in exchange for eternal souls.
That demon said he wanted to give him favor to enhance THEIR kingdom, not God’s. Please people, don’t get upset with God. God is perfect. JESUS never changes. This foolery is NOT of God!

And John Alcott wrote:

Excuse me, sir, but cherubim is plural of cherub. Angels have bad grammar.