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THIS week saw the state of Queensland suffer what is said to be its worst-ever cyclone. And blame for the disaster has been laid squarely on Australia’s atheist Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who lamentably failed to fall on her knees and beseech God to avert the looming disaster.
Dr Daniel Nalliah, President of a loopy fundamentalist outfit called Catch the Fire Ministries, fulminated:

Catch the Fire pastor Daniel Nalliah blesses a church member when the religious group sought to cleanse Canberra of evil spirits in 2009. Photo: Andrew Sheargold

It is very sad that this dark chapter in Australia’s history is led by an atheist Prime Minister in Julia Gillard and an openly homosexual Greens leader … both who have no regard for God nor prayer …. It is very well known that throughout history, in a time of national crisis, kings, prime ministers and presidents of countries around the world have turned to God, irrespective of whether they were Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim and asked for help or at least called the nation to pray for protection and for the victims of the disaster.

According to this report, Nalliah, a former Family First candidate who was asked to leave the party for his controversial views, has already blamed the Queensland floods on Kevin Rudd speaking out against Israel.
He also blamed the Victorian bushfires on that state’s liberalisation of abortion laws.
Nalliah said right through the flood crisis across Australia, he had:

Not heard our Prime Minister call the people of Australia to pray and ask God for protection and for help for the tens of thousands of people who have become victims of this major disaster. Even the secular media personalities stated several times, ‘Our prayers and thoughts are with you’, but did we hear our PM make any such statements at all or did I just miss out on it?

How many more disasters will it take before our nation, starting from the Prime Minister, would fall on our knees and ask for God’s protection and turn back to Him?

The record-breaking flooding in Australia, followed by Cyclone Yasi, have, of course, nothing whatsoever to do with God’s wrath, or Gillard’s atheism. This report clearly points out that global warming lies at the root of the phenomena:

The warmer seas intensify the La Nina and El Nino cycles in the region, making them more frequent and more intense. El Nino brings Australia droughts, which have been more intense. La Nina blows winds that pile up warm water in the western Pacific and around Australia.The ocean around Australia is now warmer than at any time in history.

In 2009 the dotty Nalliah and his delusional followers inadvertently set off an impromtu, fun-filled festival in Canberra when they arrived to clear the city of dark forces:

[The event] brought a glad and mad blast of colour to Canberra at the weekend. First was the arrival of the God-fearing folk from the Catch the Fire Ministries who ascended the city’s Mount Ainslie on Saturday to pray for demons to be cast out of the hearts of the politicians below.
The reason for this earnest pilgrimage was the rumour that satanic rituals were taking place on the mountain’s summit, infecting politicians with the devil’s work.
Overjoyed at this turn of events, all sorts of gaily attired characters turned up to help the Catch the Fire folk in their efforts: the Australian Sex Party threw a halal sausage sizzle and brought along a fetching young woman in a corset, the gay community danced around (and one chap dropped his pants), unbelievers hoisted posters (”atheists – a non-prophet organisation”), bikers roared up the hill and pagans and Goths arrived in pointed hats. Witchcraft, in short, was the order of the day.

Hat tip: Pete H