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Just so you’re aware, David Grisham Jr., the guy who runs Repent Amarillo, is running for mayor.

Repent Amarillo and Grisham aim to deter promiscuity, homosexuality and non-Christian worship practices through confrontation and prayer, and their actions have sparked controversy, both locally and nationwide.

Last September, while much of the nation was focused on a pastor in Gainesville, Fla., threatening to burn copies of the Quran to mark the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Grisham threatened to do the same at a public park here.

His attempt was thwarted by 23-year-old Jacob Isom, who swept in and grabbed Grisham’s Quran while the Repent Amarillo leader argued with protesters.

This is someone who practices “spiritual warfare.” He’s the guy who executed Santa a couple months ago while wearing a sweatshirt with the word “coexist” crossed out:

YouTube video

Pleasant fellow…

I want to say he has no chance of winning, but this is Texas. So I’m worried…

He has no chance of winning, right…? *Desperate puppy dog face*

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