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***Update***: Ebert has written than the article mentioned below was an attempt (albeit a poor one) at satire.

Considering that film critic Roger Ebert has defended evolution in the past, it seems odd that an essay in defense of Creationism is on his site right now…

Questions and answers on Creationism, which should be discussed in schools as an alternative to the theory of evolution:

Q. When was the earth created?

A. Archbishop James Usher, working out a chronology from the Bible, calculated in 1654 that the earth was created on the night of October 23, 4004 B.C. Other timetables reach back as far as 10,000 years.

Q. Was there a Noah, and did he have an Ark?

A. Certainly. There are many unverified reports of a massive wooden vessel on Mount Ararat. The Arc contained eight people, from whom we are all descended. It also contained two of each kind of animal. Since living species were obviously not created through an evolutionary process, every surviving land-based mammal species (about 5,400) had both ancestors on the Arc.

I assume his site’s been hacked. I don’t know what the hackers would get out of doing this, though…

And if it’s satire, I don’t get the humor.

Ebert’s too smart to believe any of this. I’m not putting much stock into it.