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The Landover Baptist Center for Creation Studies is no more.

It has been renamed: The Sarah Palin Center for the Advancement of Creation Science Research.

Pastor Deacon Fred comments on this turn of events:

“Mrs. Palin shares our belief that the world was created by Jesus’ Daddy, Poppa-God, in six days but has been here for 6,000 years. That alone is enough to ensure she has the vote of every single member of this church and no doubt the vote of every True Christian™ American… If you couple all of this with her Evangelical Republican zeal, her savvy new spin on traditional family values, and well kept knees, it is enough to give REAL fundamentalists like me great hope that she will lead America backwards to the wonderful Christian principles upon which our Nation was founded. Praise God!”

The Creation Museum now has (satirical) competition for the largest neuron drain in the country.