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Says this article.

The statements attesting to the idea that Science actually helps Christianity were made after the premiere of the documentary “The Case for a Creator” (based on the book by Lee Strobel).

The best line in the article:

Over the last several decades, Christians have begun to emerge back into the intellectual public square.

Right… In fact, MENSA meetings are now being held in church.

Now, if the writer wanted to make her point, she would explain the intellectual/Scientific contributions of Christianity.

Instead, she gives us Intelligent Design. Michael Behe. The Bacterium Flagellum.

(You can read about how the flagellum evolved, contrary to what Behe says, here.)

She also states the “field of philosophy” as a place where Christians are emerging as the intellectual giants. (Yes, philosophy, with all of its hard-core research…)

Strobel adds to the fire by saying:

Today, science is pointing more powerfully to a creator than any other time… The most logical and rational step is to put my faith in the Creator that science tells me exists.

That would be so much more convincing if only there was any actual science involved…

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