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MEET Pastor Peter Madden. He is a former sex addict who doesn’t much like gays, and as a Christian Democrat plans to depose the “hypertolerant” Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore.

According to this report Madden is a former sex addict who’s slept with dozens of women, including prostitutes.
Yesterday, at the launch of his campaign to “knock Clover Moore off her perch”, Madden admitted that, even after he became a Christian pastor, he visited brothels and struggled with a pornography addiction.
He then accused participants in Sydney’s famous gay and lesbian Mardi Gras of being “sexually immoral” – but said his own past made him a hypocrite.

I’m not proud . . . because I was living a hypocritical life. I struggled with that [a sex addiction] even through my ministry years, I am quite open and honest about that.
It was something I found profoundly difficult to overcome, it was through Christianity that I overcame that.

Clover Moore

Madden also targeted Prime Minister Julia Gillard, asking:

Are we happy that a self-professed atheist in a de facto relationship sits in the seat of power?

He said his campaign would be an “antidote” to Clover Moore’s “hypertolerance”.
Since “recovering from his sex addiction”, Madden has sold 300,000 copies of Christian books he has authored and been a pastor in churches in Sydney and San Francisco.
Last year Clover Moore successfully introduced a Bill allowing same-sex couples to adopt children in NSW.
Hat tip: Bill Murray