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When I interviewed Pastor Ted Haggard’s former male escort Mike Jones a couple months ago, he told me he was sitting on a juicy piece of information. It involved a fairly well-known person.
He wouldn’t tell me who it was. In fact, he said he was going to go public with it later that week… but that didn’t happen.
He also mentioned he wasn’t ready to release the news to me at the time since he promised the story to a couple people who had supported him when the Ted Haggard scandal broke.
The news is out now, though. It wasn’t reported by his supporters, but I suspect this will start making its way through the mainstream media in no time:
Senator Larry Craig was one of Mike Jones’ clients.
Toe-tapping, bathroom-stall-soliciting, “I-am-not-gay” proclaiming Larry Craig.

Management for the radio station [KNWQ-AM in Palm Springs] says Jones told them he would reveal something about Idaho Senator Larry Craig on the “Bulldog Bill Feingold Show.”
While he hesitated doing so on the air, a NewsChannel 3 camera was rolling when he made the accusation during a commercial break.
Feingold asked whether the Senator had seen Jones in a hotel room.
Jones responded, “No, he came to see me.”
Jones then added, “His travel records to Denver have been documented. That’s what I wanted to say.”
NewsChannel 3 asked Senator Craig’s office to comment on the allegations that Craig came to Denver to see Jones, who calls himself a gay escort.
Craig’s office said in response, “Mike Jones’ allegations are completely false.”

That’s what Ted Haggard said, too.
You can read that radio show’s transcript and download the audio clip here.
One more piece of information:

Jones is not alleging that he has had sex with Senator Craig but that he is alleging the senator came to see him.

Why break the story now?
Maybe because Larry Craig refuses to resign.
Or, I presume, because he won’t admit that he’s gay. The hypocrisy continues. And Jones doesn’t like hypocrisy.
It’s not conclusive proof. Ted Haggard left voicemails. Larry Craig did not.
But Jones was telling the truth about Haggard. I’d vouch that he’s telling the truth this time as well.
I should also mention my interview with him happened over two weeks before the Larry Craig bathroom scandal broke — Mike Jones is not all of a sudden creating this story to jump on the bash-Larry-Craig bandwagon.
If anything, he’s been showing restraint by holding on to this information for several weeks.
(And I do still have the recordings of Mike telling me about this then-unknown piece of information — not the name of the client, but that he had news he was going to release about someone he had met with.)
If Larry Craig doesn’t resign (or isn’t forced to resign) after this, I can’t wait to hear how Republican leaders explain this one.

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