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Another child is dead because of religiously-inspired negligence.
Ava Worthington was only 15 months old.
As she died, dozens of members of the Followers of Christ Church — maybe even a hundred — were watching. None of them called a doctor. If any of them had, she would probably have been saved.

When the detectives told [father Carl “Brent”] Worthington that the law requires a parent to provide adequate medical care, he said he had provided care.
“I did everything I could do for her,” Worthington said. “What I was doing was working,” he said. “She was getting relief.”

Asked why he did not call a doctor, Carl Worthington responded, “I don’t believe in them.”

Ava’s parents are now on trial for second-degree manslaughter.
Other parents in their position have been imprisoned for long periods of time. The Worthingtons should be put away, too. Let’s send a message to other potential murderers: Doctors provide reliable help on a regular basis. God doesn’t. If you want to give God credit after a doctor helps, fine; at least the child lives
Ugh. This makes me sick.
(via Portland Skepticism Examiner)