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Terry Jones is the pastor who threatened to burn a Koran on September 11th and finally went through with it a few weeks ago. In response, there have been riots in Afghanistan leading to the deaths of several people.

Is Jones to blame for all this? Even if he’s not, should Christians have to apologize for or defend his actions?

That was the question posed by the Washington Post On Faith blog and my response is now up at their site.

Here’s an excerpt:

There’s a big difference between killing human beings (which radical Muslims and Christian Scott Roeder have done) and burning a book (which Terry Jones did). We should all condemn those who commit violence in the name of their beliefs. When Muslims do it, we hope Muslim leaders speak out. When Christians do it, we hope Christian leaders will speak out.

But Jones didn’t commit or condone violence. He burned a book.

Christians shouldn’t have to condemn Jones just because they both call themselves Christians… but if there is an outcry from Christians who feel compelled to respond, I really want to know why they’re choosing this particular event to respond to.

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