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Manya Brachear writes as The Seeker for the Chicago Tribune.
She recently posted about Frank Warren and his popular blog PostSecret.
These were some of the confessions people had about their spirituality:


“I became Muslim because I liked the way I looked in a headscarf.”
“I stole Christian music.”
“I’m an editor for a large online atheist newsletter — and I believe in God.”
“I hate when people tell me that Jesus answers prayers because he didn’t answer mine when I was praying for the life of my child.”
“My dad is a Catholic priest. I have been his secret for 21 years.”
“When I was a child, I thought that Phil Donahue was actually God. They both were old white men with white hair. They both seemed to live somewhere up in the sky.”
“I like to go to church to see what other women are wearing.”


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