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Here’s a nice service for anyone who has sincere questions about atheism or how to get through the day without a god — a site called

With one click… you can get started. Just give us some basic information, before you know it, you’ll be connected with an atheist that can answer any questions that you have.

I tried it out and got connected to someone instantly. But even if no one’s there the moment you have a question, there is an IRC channel available as well as a service to leave a message so a moderator can get back to you. In time, there will hopefully be more moderators and a forum.

So if you are genuinely curious about some aspect of atheism, give it a shot. I think it’s far better to talk to someone one-on-one about these issues than to get all your information solely from a book or website.

Side note: If anyone is interested, there’s a similar service available via the Mormon church. I’m not advocating that anyone chat with them just to prove who’s right or to waste their time, but I’m curious how they would respond to actual questions about their beliefs.

(Thanks to Daniel for the link!)