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How can you say no to Talking Jesus?


So many questions…

What does “authentic linen robes” mean?

Who will Talking Jesus play with? Does he come with friends?

Can you change Jesus’ clothes?

What are the accessories for this doll?

What happens when the child gets bored with it? Are you allowed to throw Jesus away?

If you were 3, and Talking Jesus spoke the way he does in the video, wouldn’t you have nightmares regardless of what he was saying?

Why is the little boy at the 0:28 mark nodding as if on cue…?

Why do I care if Talking Jesus is “individually boxed”? What’s my alternative? 20 Jesuses (Jesi?) in one case? One black-market Talking Jesus in bubble wrap?

Why is there a 6-Jesus limit on the website? And won’t multiple Jesuses confuse the kiddies?

It’s probably cheaper to purchase yours from Amazon. They have some second-hand dolls.

I don’t think this doll comes even close to being as cool as Deluxe Miracle Jesus, though. That doll comes with Glow in the Dark Hands, five Loaves of Bread, two Fish, and one Water-into-Wine Jug.

(via Boing Boing)

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