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In anticipation of the release of Bill Maher‘s new film Religulous, the Catholic League (and president Bill Donohue) has put together a wonderful and hilarious compilation of Maher’s most strident attacks on irrational thinking:

While Maher professes to loathe all religions, his favorite target is the Catholic Church. Indeed, he rarely aims his venom at Islam or Judaism. And while he does enjoy taking shots at Evangelicals, it is clear that he is monomaniacal in his contempt for Catholicism. Below is a sampling of what he has said about the Church throughout his years in showbiz.

I say hilarious because the subjects of Maher’s jokes are completely deserving of the mockery and criticism: priests who rape little boys, the absurd belief of Communion wafers as the literal body of Christ and faith-based thinking in general, etc.

The harshest attacks by Maher are reserved for the pedophile priests.

Why is the Catholic League trying to defend them? You would think they’d want to cleanse their church of those monsters as well.