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What do they have in common?

Emily Bell of The Guardian writes:

The answer is a lot of money from many people — a new model of fundraising, which the web is facilitating. Obama’s campaign attracted about 90% of its donations from people who gave less than $100. Similarly the atheist bus fund is principally made up of small individual donations and looks as though it might single-handedly reflate the bus advertising market in the coming months.

In just one week, the Athest Bus campaign has raised £110,877 (roughly $173,143).

That’s enough for marketing atheism on British buses many times over.

I hope the British Humanist Association finds an even better way to promote their product with the sudden influx of cash. Hell, they should just rent their own marketing team.

It also raises the question: How is it possible that the British can raise this much money for this cause when Americans who could benefit from the promotion of atheism much more than our European counterparts can’t raise anything even close to that?

Are we that apathetic about giving to atheist organizations or fundraising campaigns?

Or have we simply not come up with a catchy enough way to promote our beliefs?