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The Foundation Beyond Belief is featured in Saturday’s New York Times!

Within the next week or so, Mr. McGowan expects to cut checks for a total of $12,025, the first benefits collected and disbursed by the Foundation Beyond Belief. The foundation has 316 donors who each have committed to contributing $5 to $250 per month — a system of regular giving that is modeled on the Christian tradition of paying weekly tithes.

“I don’t want to just be about negating somebody else,” Mr. McGowan, 47, said in a recent interview at his current home in suburban Atlanta. “And there are a lot of atheists who don’t want to be always fighting the culture wars. We need a positive expression of our values and a sense of community.”

I’m hoping the article spurs other atheists to take notice and begin giving.

Congratulations to Dale McGowan; I hope this is just the start of a lot of positive, mainstream publicity for the organization.