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You asked for it, you got it.

Introducing: Friendly Atheist Forums.

It’s still in its infancy in terms of looks and forum topics, but you should be able to register and begin posting!

If you have suggestions for either, or feedback in general, leave them here. Or on the Forum. (That’s fun to say!)

I’ll be contacting moderators shortly (thanks to all those who offered).

Special thanks to Chris, who helped me set this up and has agreed to be a co-administrator.

And just so you can get acquainted with him, I asked Chris to write a little about himself:

I’m just a small town atheist trying to help the cause. I’m 1 of 3 atheists in my little town. The other two are my wife and my father. I’ve been a nonbeliever my whole life. I spent a good portion of the 90s playing up and down the east cost in a punk band. I got my degree in computer science @ Marshall University, but shortly after graduation I found a love for graphic design and I am now a graphic designer for the local newspaper. I have a wife and 2 children. My oldest [5] is already showing signs of being a free thinker. This Christmas she came to the conclusion, all on her own, that Santa wasn’t real, and when my grandmother tried to explain god to her, she compared it to the imaginary friend that one of her classmates has.

Make him feel welcome as you do everyone else here.

Happy Forum-ing.

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