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The pastor of the “Gay Exorcism” church has spoken.
And she makes even less sense than you thought.

An excerpt:

Pastor Patricia McKinney: … I just wanted to tell the world out there that Manifested Glory Ministries Church is not against homosexuality. We do not hate them. We do not come up against them. We just do not believe in their lifestyle. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit.
CNN: But could he have been a member of your church being a homosexual?
PPM: Umm… you can come in our church, but you cannot live that lifestyle in our church.
CNN: … he wouldn’t really be living the lifestyle in your church. What do you mean by that?
PPM: Well, when you come in, you can get delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit. We welcome anyone in our church. Alls we’re saying that we do not like the lifestyle at with a man with a man and a woman with a woman… and that’s our beliefs. But we do not say they cannot come in our church… they are all welcome to come in our church. But when they come in, they have to get delivered.
CNN: What happened? Did he get delivered? Did you… I don’t know if I’m using the right terminology… did you “exorcise the demon”? How do you know whether anything’s changed?
PPM: Because of his lifestyle. His lifestyle have changed. And I just want to say — everything carries a spirit. It’s just not the homosexual spirit. You have the alcohol spirit. You have the crack cocaine spirit. You have the adultress spirit. Everything has a spirit…

PPM: … you had to see the video in the whole context.
CNN: What would we have seen if we saw it in the whole context?
PPM: You would have seen that we’re just people who love the Lord. We’re just people that worship Him…

I’ll give credit to the host. He was asking the questions I wanted him to ask. You can also tell he thinks she’s batshit crazy, and he’s fighting to hold his tongue.
To the pastor: Don’t lend yourself to the media when you haven’t had training or an impartial opinion of your communication skills. You just end up looking foolish.
At least she made the idea of exorcisms appear even more absurd. The more religious kooks mainstream media shows, the easier it is for people of faith to distance yourself from those beliefs.
(via Atheist Media Blog)