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In the July/August, 2006 issue of The Humanist (the magazine for the American Humanist Association), contributor Jeff Nall wrote an article about “overcoming antagonistic atheism.”  He talks about the bad image atheists have and why we have it.  He also talks about how to overcome the image. 

Jeff rips on Richard Dawkins… kinda.  (Still blasphemy, I say!)  So you know this is not your usual atheist article. 

He was kind enough to include the eBay auction as one of the examples of an antidote.  The six page article is below for you to read (in order), and the eBay part is on pages 3-4.  (Click on the image and then if it’s too small, drag your mouse to the lower right corner and click on the magnification button.)

Humanist 1 Humanist 2 Humanist 3 Humanist 4 Humanist 5 Humanist 6

Thanks go to Jeff for permission to reprint the article. 

By the way, on page 1, you can see that the section this article is under is called “Creative Controversy,” where alternative/dissenting/opposing views to typical Humanist thought are found.  I’ve never seen *that* in a Christian magazine…

Jeff has recently begun a campaign for unity between secular, spritual, and religious progressives called the New Progressive Alliance.  He started this after realizing that the different groups “have too much in common… to allow our differences to divide us.”  Read his statement.  Look at the diversity of the signatories– atheists, reverends, PhDs, etc.  Impressive work.  More people need to support this sort of action.


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