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Jess Downey has a wonderfully honest and personal post stressing the importance of Planned Parenthood:

When I arrived at Planned Parenthood I felt even worse. I felt so embarrassed, like now everyone would know that I was the bad girl who had unprotected sex. I felt dirty. Slutty. Ashamed. Sex itself wasn’t something that I talked about with just anyone with and now I had to tell some stranger at Planned Parenthood about how I was careless and irresponsible.

I explained the situation to the woman, she gave me some forms to fill out and then took me back into a little room. There we talked further and she explained how the morning after pill worked. She also talked to me about other forms of birth control.

I remember two things from our conversation in that room.

First – the way the woman talked to me and handled my situation. She was very personable and really put me at ease. She was actually very comforting. I didn’t feel like I had to tattoo “I am dirty and just had unprotected sex” on my forehead. Actually, I no longer felt ashamed of myself but I just felt like a human who had made a mistake.

Second – she educated me. She didn’t just give me the pills and say see you later. But she took the time to talk to me about safe sex practices and methods of birth control. She let me know about all the options I have so I wouldn’t end up in this situation again. And I never felt like she was lecturing me but that she genuinely wanted me to know all the facts.

I felt far better coming out of the room than I did going in. And I would like to thank Planned Parenthood for that.

I know she’s not alone in thinking that.

Abortions make up only 3% of the services provided by PP. But that’s what the critics go after all the time. It’s ridiculous when you consider all the other necessary, comprehensive services PP offers.

There’s certainly no reason the House of Representatives should stop funding it altogether. Sign this petition to support the cause. If enough people complain, maybe something can change. In the meantime, consider sharing your own personal stories about how important PP is to you (in the comments below or on your own sites). Encourage others to stand proudly in support of the organization.