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Cienna Madrid has an eye-opening writeup of how Christian-run pregnancy clinics operate. It turns out they’re not just unhelpful but also incredibly harmful for women:

Only half of the six pregnancy centers Megan and I visit during our weeklong pregnancy test spree disclose over the phone that they don’t perform or refer for abortions. None mention that they’re Christian-run clinics. “We do not discriminate, judge, or lecture,” says a woman with Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic, a crisis pregnancy center in Bellingham, when I pointedly ask if the organization is Christian and if they refer for abortions. She dodges the referral question, saying only, “Come in and take a free test. It’ll only take a minute and then we can discuss your options.”

At every center, Megan and I are faithfully given false information about abortions that is presented as fact. Their statistics come from debunked medical studies, the conservative Medical Institute, and Focus on the Family.

The centers often won’t give women their results in writing, which they need to qualify for medical coupons or Women, Infants, and Children programs in Washington. They refuse to issue referrals for services they can’t provide and morally object to. And when women visit these centers, they have no guarantee that their medical information will be kept private — again, the centers aren’t obliged to follow standard HIPAA privacy regulations because they’re not medically licensed businesses.

Isn’t it amazing how Christians believe their faith is synonymous with kindness and “Truth” when, in practice, there are all too many examples of how Jesus’ followers constantly practice selfishness and deception?

Madrid summarizes the experience in this passage:

For that woman at the Christian adoption center, it was more important to deny medical access that might conflict with her religious views than to help a scared teenager with no support system find the services she needed. That was the Christian thing to do.

It’s sickening that any woman in need would be treated like this. Churches often collect money and supplies from their congregation to keep clinics like this running — they’re proud of this sorry excuse for health care.

(I’m guessing the church ladies go somewhere else, though, when they need to get abortions for themselves…)

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