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Shelby Corbitt thought the rapture was going to happen in 2007.

She had the website,, all set up. (***Update***: As of this moment, though, the site is down. Here’s a cache of the page before the year ended.)

She wrote a book, 2007, all about it.

She was pretty adamant about it.

And now — shocker of all shockers — we’re all still here. Jesus never showed up. God’s children are still on this planet.

But the best part is that we now get to see Corbitt try to explain why she was completely wrong. (Again, the site is now down.)

Her long, long, long explanation doesn’t make it better. She still thinks the Rapture is coming, but her timing was off.

TW at Why Don’t You Blog? offers these four possible explanations:

  1. God spoke to Shelby but lied through his holy teeth.
  2. God spoke to Shelby but was wrong.
  3. God didn’t speak to Shelby who was just delusional. He never healed Shelby and any resultant health was down to more natural causes.
  4. God didn’t speak to Shelby who just decided to milk thousands of idiots for some money to save having to go to work.

I’m going to go with number three.

And I’m trying really hard to wipe the smirk off my face…

By the way, is already up and running. I don’t think Corbitt has anything to do with it.

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