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Because of The New York Times article on atheism the other day, the ladies of The View were discussing religion on Monday.

You know this will be entertaining. Or painful. Maybe both.

The question to open up the discussion: “What if your child married an atheist?”

To recap:

Sherri Shepherd says marrying an atheist would make life “chaotic.” Because you have to deal with finances and shit and you apparently can’t do this with atheists…

Elisabeth Hasselbeck thinks marrying an atheist means (religious) you would be giving up the values with which you were raised. (Because atheists can’t share similar values outside of God?)

Whoopi Goldberg — a voice of reason here — says she’d be fine with a religious son or daughter marrying an atheist. You would just teach the future grandkids that there are different schools of thought on religion and mommy and daddy don’t agree. Religion is not always black and white.

Hasselbeck thinks that’s confusing. Thinking about religion will hurt the child’s brain, she seems to imply.

Joy Behar says neither position seems right to her because “an atheist is against theism, meaning there is no God. I don’t know that. Just like I don’t know that there is a God either…”


Why is Behar speaking as if she knows what atheism is all about when she misses the most basic principle of it?

Atheists do not proclaim “there is no God.” That’s foolish. We say we don’t believe in one. The evidence doesn’t point to one. It’s unlikely there is one. That’s it. Even the atheist buses said “There’s Probably No God.”

(By the way, did anyone else hear Shepherd saying in the background, “I once went on a date with an atheist…” around the 3:00 mark? I *so* want to hear the end of that story… but from the atheist’s perspective.)

(via Atheist Media Blog)