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Rev. Samuel Krouse, a pastor in California, wrote an interesting piece for the Colusa County Sun Herald — interesting because, instead of quickly dismissing the New Atheists, he acknowledges them and says they are a true force to be reckoned with.

… As a worldview, atheism is over-represented among the intellectual elites, and atheists have largely, though not exclusively, talked to their own.

Until now. The so-called “New Atheists” have written best-sellers that have reached far beyond the traditional audience for such books. Books by Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens have spent weeks and months on the best-seller list published by The New York Times. Clearly, something is happening.

The New Atheism is not just a reassertion of atheism. It is a movement that represents a far greater public challenge to Christianity than that posed by the atheistic movements of previous times. The New Atheists are, in their own way, evangelistic in intent and ambitious in hope. They see atheism as the only plausible worldview for our times, and they see belief in God as downright dangerous — an artifact of the past that we can no longer afford to tolerate, much less encourage.

… The New Atheists do, in the end, understand what they are rejecting. When Sam Harris defines true religion as that “where participants’ avowed belief in a supernatural agent or agents whose approval is to be sought,” he understands what many mired in confusion do not. In the end, the existence of the supernatural, self-existent, and self-revealing God is the only starting point for Christian theology. God possesses all of the perfections revealed in Scripture, or there is no coherent theology presented in the Bible. The New Atheists are certainly right about one very important thing — it’s atheism or biblical theism. There is nothing in between.

BlackSun points out some very important revelations from this piece regarding what the pastor has owned up to:

  1. Atheism is far more predominant among the intellectual elite than the general population.
  2. New atheism represents a serious and ongoing challenge to Christianity that cannot be ignored.
  3. Atheists can have hope. In his words, they are “ambitious in hope.”
  4. Atheists are well aware of what they have rejected.
  5. There is no substantive philosophical position between biblical literalism and atheism.

BlackSun analyzes each of these points with some depth. Check it out.

And while Rev. Krouse is not on “our side,” you don’t see this much honesty in articles by church officials very often. He deserves some credit for that.

(via Black Sun Journal)