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Looks like Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow put more Bible verses under his eyes over the weekend:


Actually, the verses under his eyes were from Hebrews. But whatever.

I still don’t believe he would’ve been able to step onto that field if the words “There is” and “No God” were written under his eyes no matter how good he was.

But a recent article about him by Andy Staples raises another point:

Whether you consider him genuine or fake, Tebow, at the end of the day, is a Heisman Trophy-, SEC- and BCS-title winning quarterback who goes to class, goes to church and circumcises people less fortunate than him. More people should be so intolerable.

Going to class? Not really that impressive. Most athletes do go to class.

Going to church? Why is that a good thing? It’s not. Let’s move on.

Circumcising others? It’s debatable whether that’s a good or bad thing, but I think most readers would put that in the “bad” category.

Helping those less fortunate? That is impressive and he deserves credit for that.


I would be shocked if Tebow was the only talented athlete who did volunteer work like this. Surely there’s an atheist athlete also at the top of his game somewhere who helps others at the same level.

The difference is that an atheist athlete would likely face retribution from his teammates, coaches, and fans if he wore his atheism on his sleeve like Tebow does with his Christianity.

There’s a double standard and, as a result, I don’t know anyone who fits that bill.

It’s fine to give Tebow credit for his football talent, and it’s nice that he’s giving back to others. But I seriously doubt he’s the only one. Let’s not go overboard with the praising of him.

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