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An anti-gay hate group, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is spitting tacks after an assistant admissions officer at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, described NOM supporters as ‘pieces of useless trash’.
According to this report, Andrew Bunting, above, was reacting to NOM’s jubilation over Trump’s win.
NOM now wants the university to “disavow” itself of Andrew Bunting’s comments so as not to give prospective conservative Christians applicants the idea that they are not welcome.

Joseph Grabowski
Joseph Grabowski

NOM’s Joseph Grabowski said:

We want the university to publicly repudiate the remark. Right now, the clear implication of the comments, when they come from the admissions officer, is that they won’t be welcome if they hold conservative views on marriage.

NOM’s triumphant blog posted the day after the federal election “heartily” congratulated Donald Trump and his team on their “incredible win”.
In the blog, NOM announced that it was committed to working with the President-elect and:

Confident that our voice and our views will be important in a Trump administration.

This was followed with NOM’s action plan for the next four years. It starts with getting conservatives appointed to the Supreme Court because:

Such justices will inevitably reverse the anti-constitutional ruling of the Supreme Court imposing same-sex ‘marriage’ on the nation in the Obergefell decision, because that decision lacked any basis in the Constitution.

Second, get outgoing President Barack Obama’s string of “illegal, overreaching executive orders” rescinded, including his:

Dangerous gender identity directives.

Third, reverse the Obama administration’s foreign policy of withholding foreign aid from countries that won’t accede to the “LGBT agenda”.
And fourth, get the First Amendment Defense Act passed:

To protect people who believe in marriage from being targeted by the government for persecution.

Grabowski speculated that someone passed on NOM’s plan to Bunting who evidently saw red and said:

NOM, a recognised HATE group by the Southern Poverty Law Center … seeks to limit life. Limit liberty. Limit Freedom. Limit the pursuit of happiness for millions of American[sic]. If you agree with them then that is your opinion. Just know that to the rest of us you are a piece of useless trash.

GMU President Angel Cabrera responded to the election with a statement of inclusion without referencing Bunting’s comments.

Let me be clear. If you are Muslim or Jewish or Christian, you belong at Mason. If you grew up in Mexico City, Islamabad, or Roanoke, you belong at Mason. If you are part of the LGBT community, you belong at Mason. If you are Black or Brown or White, you belong at Mason. If you voted for Clinton or for Trump or anyone else, you belong at Mason.

GMU said in a statement.

Mr. Bunting’s comments on his personal social media page reflect his own personal views. The university does not agree with his comments, and they do not reflect the views of the university.

Grabowski responded:

We are used to seeing a double standard from advocates for diversity. Tolerance is OK as long as it doesn’t apply to conservatives. It is almost Orwellian doubletalk.