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Pastor Ed Young isn’t just asking for donations at his church. Forget voluntary tithing.
He wants full access to your bank account:

Yeah… what could possibly go wrong there?
I don’t care if he is their pastor; how are some of these churchgoers so gullible that they’re willing to give someone else — anyone else — their bank account number?
If they feel like giving money to the church, then they can do it! But it’s crazy to allow anyone to dip into your personal bank account at their whim, regardless of what they say they’re going to do.
Maybe Fellowship Church just needs another jet:

… Ed Young — the pastor at Fellowship Church in Grapevine — may soon have to answer for the numerous trips by the leased church jet to resort locations. It’s luxury air travel that costs tens of thousands of dollars per trip.
For months, News 8 has requested interviews with Pastor Young. Each time we have been referred to a New York public relations firm for answers.
Yet they have declined to answer simple questions such as: “Who uses the jet, and for what?”

(via Jesus Needs New PR)

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