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A 61-year-old Sikh man, who was granted permission not use use a helmet on religious grounds, was killed this week in an accident in Hong Kong.
According to this report, the victim, identified only by his surname Singh, died after his scooter collided with a delivery bicycle.
Singh and his passenger were thrown off the scooter by the impact, with the former landing ten meters away.
The passenger, who was wearing a helmet, sustained wounds to his limbs and survived.
Singh was rushed to Kwong Wah Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.
Singh,  who lived with his family in Yau Tong, had been a permanent Hong Kong resident and had a licence for his motorcycle, police said.
Helmets are compulsory for all drivers of motorcycles and bicycles.
There are 558 exemptions, all but one being for religious reasons, according to the Transport Department.
Sikh tutor Gurmel Singh said followers must wear a turban as well as bring a comb with them at all times.
Chandni Buri, a social worker, said wearing a turban is of utmost importance to Sikh members as it symbolises “God’s love”.
Many believe it will protect them from the dangers of the road.