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I don’t have a lot of background on this story, but a reader brought it to my attention. Maybe someone with more knowledge on the situation can shed more light on what’s going on here.
In 1976, the Code of Laws of South Carolina were written. Among other things, it discusses the University of South Carolina and how it should be run… Section 59-117-100 is particularly interesting:

President shall not be atheist or infidel.
The board of trustees shall take care that the president of the University shall not be an atheist or infidel.

What the deuce? I thought university were “bastions of secularism”!
Is this still in the books? Is it enforceable? As a state school, it shouldn’t be… right?
Maybe I wouldn’t be surprised if it were unenforceable, yet still in the law.
South Carolina is also the state that forbade an atheist from running for public office — though Secular Coalition for America president Herb Silverman helped change that in 1997 when the state Supreme Court unanimously voted to allow him to become a notary public.
(Thanks to Bhanu for the link!)