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If you’re planning to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket this week, consider Vaxing Your Bracket!

1. Go to your PayPal account and send $10.00 to (Note: PayPal may charge you a fee of $0.56)

2. In the message section, please give us the email you will be using to join the Pool.

3. Once we get your payment, we’ll send you an invite to the Pool at the email you provided.

Half the prize pool will go to the winner and the other half will go to the Hug Me! I’m Vaccinated! pro-vaccination campaign.

Even if you lose, you’re contributing to a great cause!

And you will lose. Because I’m taking all of you down.

Unlike last year, I will *not* have every religiously-affiliated school losing in the first round. That strategy failed me… thanks a lot, Saint Mary’s.