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Microbiologychick went to a public school but remembers a number of church/state violations from her childhood:

In Jr. High, a few teachers gave extra credit for attending talks at churches or other large-scale religious activities that had no educational component

On a Jr. High school-sponsored Spring Break trip, prayer happened before meals on several occasions.

We had a Bible History class that was not critical or neutral, and we used a textbook created for Christian schools

Those are only a few examples of when Christianity ran rampant.

Not everyone knows that those things are wrong, students and teachers included. And unfortunately, not every person who does know these things are illegal is as courageous as Matthew LaClair.

I don’t remember any blatant church/state violations in the public schools I attended growing up. But I doubt I would’ve even noticed them taking place before high school.

Do you recall any violations from your own schooling?

(via Atheist Girls)

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